Frequency Gets a TV Show Remake… And It Looks Amazing! – 5.25.16

Tune in to this blast from the past remake about a literal blast from the past (but not the 1999 Brendan Fraser film of the same name).

Frequency, a film from the year 2000, is getting a television show reboot.

Now that you know that, reread the first sentence a few times. I promise it makes sense.

For those not in the know, Frequency is a fantastic thriller starring Jim Caviezel (Person of Interest, The Passion of the Christ) and Dennis Quaid (The Day After Tomorrow, Pandorum).

The story revolves around a long-dead father and his now-grown son, connected over time via an old radio and a freak electrical storm.

Caviezel (the son), who’s now a cop, attempts to change the past by saving his father (Quaid) from the fire that killed him when Caviezel was just a kid.

But in doing so, they spark a chain reaction that spirals into chaos. I’ll try not to spoil anything else, but if you’re interested, here’s the trailer:

But that’s enough about the film. CW is now remaking the film into a television series – but it seems the only thing they’ve taken from the original is the concept, as the stories are drastically different.

For one, it’s about a daughter and her father. Peyton List (The Tomorrow People, Flashforward) will play Raimy Sullivan, with the role of her father, Frank Sullivan, played by Riley Smith (Radio, New York Minute).

Two, not only is she a cop – she’s a cop following in her father’s footsteps (in the original film, the father was a fireman).

Three, her father was killed while on the trail of a serial killer – a serial killer that’s been silent until the old ham radio connects Raimy and Frank through time.

After she warns Frank of his impending death, she somehow – improbably, impossibly – manages to save her father’s life. But things devolve rapidly from there, as the daughter’s life begins to fall apart.

Instead of her father dying, her mother dies at the hands of the serial killer. Instead of having a loving almost-fiancé, he has no idea who she is and has never met her.

Is there a way for her to fix her life, catch the serial killer, and save her mother and her father?

I don’t know… but I’m extremely excited to find out.

Here’s the trailer – I know that I’ll be hulu-ing (yes, it’s now a word, deal with it) the heck out of this show when it comes out this fall!