Hayley Joins The Call For A Netflix Revival Of Agent Carter – Do Your Part And Sign the Petition! – 6.7.16

Peggy Carter is a strong, incredible, kick-ass character. She’s a competent woman in a time when women were still an underestimated and repressed majority.

She’s brilliant, oh so clever, and her confident statement – “I Know My Value” – has inspired hundreds of thousands of fans, as well as their tattoos, cosplays, and fan art.

Agent Carter is, in my opinion, one of the best Marvel shows aired outside of Netflix. And I’m not the only one who holds this belief, as the outcry from those selfsame fans upon the cancellation of Agent Carter was explosive, and as fierce as their gun-toting role model.

Within hours of the news of ABC’s massive blunder, one particular fan, Arnau S., started a petition to bring the show to Netflix.

With a day we had thousands of votes. Within a week, 75,000. As it stands, three weeks after the petition was first launched, we now have over 119,000 votes.

If you wish to add your voice to the rallying cry, click on the link below:

Save Agent Carter, Bring Her to NETFLIX – Petition

But ABC had already signed Hayley Atwell (the fantastic actress who embodies Peggy Carter) for their newest show Conviction. As long as the network that abandoned Agent Carter kept Hayley busy, could our petitions and votes every amount to anything?

Don’t lose hope yet, Lipstick Commandoes! Hayley Atwell herself has stepped up to the plate, stating that she is completely committed to reviving Peggy Carter and bringing her to Netflix.

In Hayley’s own words, she’d be willing to “shoot on the weekends”, if she had to – anything to give Agent Carter the run it deserves.

We’d get a wrap-up for that insane cliffhanger that season 2 left us with. And, according to Hayley, we might get some more of Peggy’s backstory – more specifically, her mysterious past and the events that created the fantastic heroine that we all adore.

“The showrunners were talking about a kind of twist, I suppose… something to do with the family,” she said. “They suggested there’d be more to do with my brother.”

The hints and clues and teasers are fantastic, making me ask questions that I’d never considered before.

As for whether or not we’ll see Peggy turn the S.S.R. into S.H.I.E.L.D., Hayley has this to say: “I think I’m going to save that for my own movie.”

The crowd exploded into riotous applause – and rightfully so.

Peggy needs – no, she deserves – to have her story told right, told well, and told in its entirety.


Just because Peggy died in Captain America: Civil War, it doesn’t mean that her story is over.


And hopefully the epic combination and team-up of Hayley Atwell and us, her ardent fans, will convince Netflix of this fact.

So far, with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix has been my hero in terms of Marvel TV shows. With they pull through again, and save another hero?

We know Peggy’s value.

Does Netflix?