flash fiction

Below is a collection of Kimba’s previously published flash fiction.

Banner Image Credit by: sakura

of a different kind

Rory hitched her backpack higher on her shoulders. The wet backpack was at least twice as heavy as it had been when she left, and her neck ached from the weight. […]

skritch skritch

Theo held out his thumb as he heard another cruiser coming up behind him. It was really more habit at this point, as no one had stopped for him before. He […]

where there’s a will…

“I’m sorry, but it’s been driving me bloody crazy. Have I met you somewhere before?” It takes Weston a moment before he realizes that the woman is talking to him. […]

a flash of white

In Mumbai, the cab drivers used their horns more than their brakes. Joseph had to learn to write with his right hand – to do everything with his right hand – […]