Teen Titans Live-Action TV Series Begins Filming this Fall – 6.9.17

A couple months ago, in April, DC Entertainment announced that the Teen Titans would be getting a live-action show. However, little was heard after that announcement on the progress of the project; and I know many who, like myself, worried that the show had died in preproduction hell.

Well, we need worry no longer, for Titans is set to begin filming this fall. However, it won’t be on TNT, as was originally announced back in 2015. Instead, the show will be airing on DC’s streaming service, alongside the revived season 3 of Young Justice.

Although production is reportedly set to start on September 25, with episodes appearing in early 2018, none of the team have been officially cast. In fact, exactly which Teen Titans members will make the lineup is still a mystery.

Will it be the classic Teen Titans from the comics, consisting of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Speedy, and Wonder Girl?

Or, perhaps the team from the Teen Titans cartoon (I’m not going to even mention the reboot, because it’s an abomination to all those who loved the original):

Or, will it be the team we’ve come to know from the animated movie, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, with the original five plus Blue Beetle and Nightwing?

Or will it be a combination of these and more? There is a huge roster of members that the live-action show can pick and choose from, which means that we might even get to see Static, AquagirlRed Robin, and more!

We won’t know for sure until it’s announced at a later date (at San Diego Comic-Con, perhaps?). However, we might not be completely in the dark. Geoff Johnstweeted a pic that just might have revealed the team’s lineup.

Geoff Johns is the DC Comics Entertainment president and chief creative officer. He’s written previously for DC shows such as Arrow and The Flash, and he also co-wrote the recent box-office hit Wonder Woman. He’s a DC legend in his own right, and he’s currently in the process of writing the episodes for Titans.

Anyway, back in April, Johns tweeted this:

At the time, it was a tease that implied that he was already working on the pilot script for the series. And keep in mind, that might be all that it was. The image isn’t a new one, and is actually from the 2003 Teen Titans roster from his 4-year stint writing the comics. The series featured Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, who were actually mentors to Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, and Robin (the Tim Drake incarnation).

So the image might not be revealing the live-action show’s lineup, and was probably just used to tease that he’d started writing the pilot, as well as tie fans visually back to his previous work.

However, it just might be the Teen Titans that we’ll be seeing on the small screen. Who knows? There’s so little confirmed information out there right now.

While half the fun’s in the guessing, casting will probably be locked in within the next couple of months. So expect an influx of news as the roles are filled and the team is locked in.

I’m extremely excited, and I hope that this “reboot” will make up for their last terrible attempt. I’ll leave you with this last picture, from what is perhaps the only redeemable clip from the new cartoon series. Keep an eye out for more news, and if there’s trouble you know who to call!