The Film Future Of “Uncharted” Is A Little, Well… Uncharted – 9.3.16

As someone who finally got a PlayStation and then proceeded to binge all four Uncharted games in a week (who needs sleep?), I have a deep and abiding love for the fantastic characters of the games. From the disaster-prone and clever Nathan Drake, to the brilliant and bad-a Elena Fisher, to the snarky and loyal Victor Sullivan, I grew invested in their crazy adventures and intricate stories.

So when I heard that Sony was planning to make a live-action Uncharted film, I lost my mind. In late July, Joe Carnahan (The Grey, writer and director) was confirmed as the writer for film, although his current production schedule prohibited him from directing it. Other people attached to making the film happen are producers Charles Roven (Man of Steel) and Avi Arad (The Amazing Spider-Man).

However, don’t get your hopes up. Recently, Sony took the Uncharted film off of their production schedule. The film was originally slated to be released June 30th, 2017, and has been in the works since 2009. But rather than just get a “TBA” or be moved to a different release date – because, even if they got all their ducks in a row today, it’s extremely unlikely that they could have a completed film in less than a year – like other delayed major motion pictures, Uncharted was removed from the production schedule altogether.

Some speculate that this could mean that the film was cancelled entirely.

But wait! I have some (admittedly weak) evidence to the contrary. The same day that the removal was announced, writer Joe Carnahan tweeted that he had just finished the opening scene in the script – and that it was “REALLY GOOD.”

It would be really odd to announce something like that the same day as a cancellation, right? So, maybe, the film is just being postponed for a long time, and so they just decided to take it off the production schedule until they figured everything out? Maybe? Hopefully?

So I guess you can sorta kinda get your hopes up. I don’t know. It’s kind of an emotional roller coaster at this point.

So don’t be disappointed. But don’t get your hopes up too high, either. Maybe keep them at a reasonable level (or a wee bit lower), so that, if a later release date for the film is announced, you’re pleasantly surprised (and if it remains cancelled indefinitely, the pain won’t hurt so much).

Personally, I’m going to be crossing my fingers and knocking on wood everyday until I hear that the film is back on track. If they keep to the video game formula of incredible visuals, engaging story, and brilliant and dynamic characters, they’ll have a truly fantastic movie. If Sony accurately captures the relationship between Nate, Elena, and Sully, they’ll easily capture themselves a box-office hit.

So here’s hoping that they’re just pushing the release date back until 2018.

But until I find out for certain, in the words of Victor Sullivan, I’ll be “sweatin’ like a hooker in church” (but for different reasons, obviously).